::Where To Find Coupons

First off, you may be asking. . .  where do I get coupons from?  Coupons can be found in a number of places. . . and the list is growing.  Manufacturers are doing more and more to draw our attention to their products so they are becoming quite savvy in using social media, electronic devices and more.

Coupons can be found:

Newspaper inserts

Home Mailers

Blinkie Machines

Catalina Machines

Coupon Clipping Services




Rewards Cards

Store Fliers and Booklets

Tear Pads

Hang Tags

Online Printable Coupon Web Sites*

. . . .And More!

*Most sites such as Coupons.com require that you install their coupon printer.  Brick coupons can be printed twice by hitting the back button twice. Most manufacturer's sites that offer coupons require that you submit your email address for newsletters. Because of this, I suggest that you set up a separate email account just for this offers.
(My first Soap Box Rant) There is one very important note that I want to make about internet printable coupons (IP).  You cannot copy printable coupons. It is illegal to do so. Don't let your desire for saving money cause you to do something that is wrong. There are plenty of deals out there and you can save plenty of money without committing fraud.

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