Friday, September 4, 2009

Rumor: Wal Mart has Pepsi 24 Pack Cubes $3.98

This is a rumor I read about on Cherry Picker. Wal Mart has the 24 pack cubes of Pepsi products at $3.98 this week. That's .17 per can!!

Does anyone in the Greenville, NC area know if this price is valid here?

I am going to run to Wal Mart after work to check this out!


Patty said...

The Pepsi Cubes are indeed 3.98 each and there is no limit!

cjcmommy said...

You know what? They were in Williamston too and I just realized that. I was thinking that was to high for the 12 pk. But they were the Cubes and there is 24 in them..Duh.

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