Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Don't Throw Out Those Expired Coupons

It is getting towards the end of the month and many, many coupons will be expiring. I received an email from Darlene Sullivan, a coupon volunteer at Incirlik AFB, Turkey.
They have just recently started a coupon program, as part of the Military Saves Overseas Coupon Program. She is looking for coupons for thier families. The commissary accepts coupons that are expired for up to six months. She is asking that as many people as possible send thier expired coupons to her organization.
Please send any coupons to:
Incirlik Coupon Program/39FSS FSFR
Unit 7505, Box 175
APO, AE 09824
This is a great way to help our military families overseas.

1 comment:

MommySusan1 said...

I have done this in the past and wanted to point out two things to make it easier:
1. You don't pay the postage to Turkey. It is mailed to a military mail sorting facility in the US and then forwarded to the base. I used to use the flat rate envelopes to send them.
2. You have to fill out a customs declaration form and go into the Post Office to mail your package.

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