Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Purina Dog Treat Printable Coupon

:: The Twelve Days of Treating::

On the twelfth day of treating. . . my owner gave to me . . .

12 Cuts a soaring
11 Bones for Chewing
10 Pieces a-sizzlin'
9 Strips for beggin'
8 Bones for cleaning
7 Shapes a crunchin'
6 Chews a rollin'
5 Beggin Littles
4 Roasted Slices
3 Mini bones
2 Wholesome chews
And. . . sniffin bark on a peartree
Answer three simple questions to get a coupon for Purina dog treats
Answer: Beggin Strips, Roasted Slices, Beggin Canadian Cuts

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