Thursday, January 28, 2010

$2 Stayfree Product Printable UPDATE: CANADA ONLY

Here's a great high value coupon for you.  Print yours here.

Credit:  Sisterly Savings

1/29:  I was reading my comments and two readers let me know that the coupon states valid in Canada only!!
I did not notice that when I posted.  Do not attempt to use it in the good ole USA.


Karen said...

I just printed this...Thank You.

HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE it states "Save $2.00 on any REGULAR-PRICED Stayfree Product". So I am guessing that means if an item is on sale at the store we cannot use it?

Am I interpreting it correctly?

If anyone has used it, can you let us know.

Steve said...

This also says valid in Canada only.

Karen said...

I just read that about Canada too and was going to post that here but you beat me to it.

Guess I don't have to worry about my prior question.

Oh well, it was a nice value coupon and you could print as many as you wanted. Too bad.

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