Saturday, January 30, 2010

Two Great Diaper Deals

I don't have babies, but I know that many of my readers do. When I read these deals on Frugal Coupon Living  I wanted to share.

 Ashley at Frugal Coupon Living posted about a great deal on Target Up and Up diapers on 
Receive the following discounts when you use the coupon code URTYJLI8.

10% off 2 boxes
20% off for 3 boxes
25% for 4 or more boxes
and receive FREE shipping!
Ashley purchased size 3-60 ct.
This is a summary of her checkout.

This makes each diaper $0.13 ea (before tax).

She found another great deal on Luvs diapers at is having a great deal for new customers.  If you are already a customer, Ashley suggests that you speak with a grandparent, aunt or uncle to open up an account to help you out.

Here is Ashley's scenerio:
1.) Head to or go through Shop at Home (1.5% cash back and $5 for first time shoppers.)

2.) Place 7 packs Luvs Jumbo Diapers $6.99 each in your cart for a total of $48.93

3.) Your total needs to be $49 (for FREE Shipping and the code), so get a filler item as well – Pampers travel wipes are $1.99. Your new total will be $50.92

4.) Time to check out – Use code DIAPERSV (this diaper save) to get $10 off. You will pay $40.92. Shipping is free for orders over $49 and they arrive in 1 – 2 days!

5.) In addition, first time customers also get a $14.97 rebate or a FREE subscription to Parenting Magazine. (This rebate takes ages to come but it will come, I promise – get the form and more details HERE.) If you have questions about the rebate at ANYTIME, call This company is actually the sweetest company I have ever dealt with. They are so curtious and helpful when it comes to questions and price matching!

Your Final Cost after MIR: $25.95 for 7 packs of diapers and travel wipes!
This equates to $3.70 per pack and $.06 for a size 2 diaper!!!

4x 56-pack of Size 1 $20 (9 cents per diaper)
4x 48-pack of Size 2 $20 (10 cents per diaper)
4x 96-pack of Size 3 $42 (11 cents per diaper)
4x 40-pack of Size 3 $20 (12 cents per diaper)
4x 82-pack of Size 4 $42 (13 cents per diaper)
4x 60-pack of Size 4 $33 (14 cents per diaper)
4x 34-pack of Size 4 $20 (15 cents per diaper)
4x 70-pack of Size 5 $42 (15 cents per diaper)
4x 54-pack of Size 5 $33 (15 cents per diaper)
Here is some of Ashley's readers scenerios:

 Reader scenario 1:  You can do even better if you buy (2) of the jumbo packs- 6.99 x 2=13.98 plus one extra large box (35.99) for a total of 49.97 (no filler required). Still use the $10 off and rebate, but you end up with more diapers (since the large box per diaper price is better than the jumbo packs.).
Reader Scenerio 2:  Get the large box of Luvs ($35.99) and a pack of Pampers Baby Dry ($9.99) and a pack of Huggies Natural Care scented wipes ($3.19).

Thanks to Ashley for all of her work on these great scenerios.

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