Monday, February 15, 2010

10 Gadgets That Save You Money

 I am a gadget lover.  I especially love gadgets that save me time or money so I really enjoyed an article I read on the All You site titled, "10 Gadgets That Save You Money".  Here are highlights.

1)Concoct your own cola.  The average family consumers 2,400 soft drinks per year.  They can save $720 per year by concocting thier own soft drinks.

2).   Get free HDTV.  You no longer have to have cable to watch HDTV.  For static free reception, all you need is a digital antenna (and converter box if your TV is analog.  You can save $700 or more per year. 

3) Lower your cell phone bill. With XLink you can talk as long as you want.  Route your cell phone calls through your regular phone through the XLink console.  Save $33 per month depending on your cellphone usage.

4). Cut heating and cooling costs.  The average family spends approximately $1,000 per year on energy cost. The bulk of which goes to heating and cooling.  Purchase a programmable thermostat which powers down during low use periods. Saves approximately $180 per year depending on usage.

5)Lower grocery expenses.  Purchase a FoodSaver.  Put food in a reusable bag and seal to extend freshness. Save approximately $600 per year.

6)Install motion activated sensors.  Replace regular light switches with motion activated sensors.  Light will automatically shut off after a pre-set time.  Saves 10% - 70% off your electric bill per year.

7)Kill wasted energy.  22% of power usage is through electronics and appliances that are plugged in-even if they are not in use. Bundle electrical cords into powerstrips and turn off when not in use.  Save $50 - $100 per year.

8)Power up with fewer batteries.  Using eco-friendly rechargable batteries rather than regular alkaline batteries.  Save $80 - $250 per year depending on usage. 

9)Get free home telephone service.  Connect Magic Jack into your phone and computer USB port to save money on phone calls.  Save $30 - $100 per month.

10)Spend less on water.  Typical showerheads use 40 gallons of water during a typical 5 minute shower. Install a low flow shower head for as little as $5 to save 8,000 gallons per year.  Save approximately $250 per year.

Read more of this article on All You.

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Dylan said...

Barbara, nice tips for saving in this challenging economy. I wanted to augment your suggestions by adding another strategy for reducing cell bills, which as you mention often become yet another financial drain on American households. We shouldn't just monitor our wireless costs; we need to actively work to reduce them. For starters, check out the Houston-based company Validas, where I work in consumer advocacy. At Validas, we electronically audit and subsequently reduce the average cell bill by about 22 percent—equating to around $450 annually—through our website, . From regular people to top corporations to huge entities like the State of California, an incredibly varied group of wireless customers uses Validas to slash their wireless bills.

Watch Validas in the media, recently on Fox News at .

Good luck to everyone reading at retaking control over your wireless expenses.

Consumer Advocacy,

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