Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Coupon Mom Show

Many of you have already heard about Stephanie Nelson, better know as the Coupon Mom. She is the reason many of us are able to save the money that we do.

She has been on numerous television shows like Oprah and The Today Show sharing her tips on how to save big on items we use everyday. Now we are all able to learn Stephanie's tips and tricks each week on the Coupon Mom Show.

Stephanie will have a new episode each Thursday through late April. We'll be able to learn everything from saving at the grocery store to how to entertain on a budget.

Previous episodes that you'll want to check out are:

- $60 Holiday Meal Challenge
- Eat Out for Pennies
- Make a Profit
- $161 of Groceries for $11
- Save 80% off Organic
- Save 85% off School Supplies
- Tailgate Party
- The Office Challenge
- Big Party Savings

Today’s new episode showcases Coupon Mom tackling the “Big Beauty Challenge.” A mom of two teen daughters is stuck spending over $200 per month on hair and beauty products! Coupon Mom shows her how to work the system and get it done for under $50!

Tune in next week to see how Coupon Mom makes buying supplies for the WHOLE family (pets, too!) a breeze!

Be sure to visit the Coupon Mom Show page and post your own challenge for Stephanie!!!!
For more money saving tips, check out the Coupon Mom site. 

1 comment:

cjcmommy said...

What channel can we find her on?

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