Sunday, February 14, 2010

A New Way To Save In The 21st Century

Couponing is changing in the 21st Century.  Although we are still cutting coupons out of inserts, we are seeing more and more companies providing other forms of coupons and discounts.

Many grocery stores now have downloadable coupons to thier store loyalty cards.  Harris Teeter stores have EVIC, Lowes Foods has E-offers, Kroger has Shortcuts. The list goes on and on. is another way to have coupons downloaded to your cellphone or loyalty card. Right now only Kroger Family of Stores and Safeway Family of stores partner with Cellfire with grocery coupons; however, I am sure that more stores will be coming in the future.  You can; also,  save money with Cellfire on discounts to Hollywood Videos and more.  I just read that they; also, have Text2Clip, Call2Clip and Scan2Clip options. Their site advertises that they are saving a tree while they deliver great savings!

Target recently rolled out a Mobile Version of thier website, an IPhone Application and Text Alerts for Coupons and Deals. When you sign up for text alerts you will recieve special deals, coupons and more.  (Standard Text Rates Apply.) Approximately one month after signing up the alerts will begin.

On Friday, if you Texted HEART to 21525, you could sign up for a 15% off coupon at Walgreens; as well as, alerts to recieve more coupons and sales in the future. They, too, now have mobile applications for Smartphones and IPhones.

ShopText is my new favorite way to get coupons and freebies.  By linking your cellphone to ShopText you will recieve coupons, samples, enter sweepstakes and more. To get started simply text SHOPTEXT to 467467.  It will take a few texts to get you registered, but from there it's a breeze. Many major companies have partnered with ShopText recently.  Food Lion, Covergirl, DiGiornio and more have given me free samples and food.

A new technology that I just read about is SnapTell.  Evidently, this technology has been around for a couple of years,does anyone remember CueCat?  You simply use the camera on your phone to take a picture of a product logo, product or advertisement. Then, transmit the picture to SnapTell. You will instantly recieve information about product promotions or coupons.  The site says that only books, cd's, dvd's and games are supported by this function at present; however, they will be adding new product categories soon.

As technology advances, I am sure that our ability to get savings digitally will continue. Is there a new way of saving that I didn't include?

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