Monday, February 22, 2010

Tricks Of The Trade Week of 2/23

Welcome to this week's Tricks of the Trade brought to you by Aimee at The Mommy Trade.  This week's Trick of the Trade focuses on Once A Month Cooking.

Cooking in the kitchen is something that I am slowly learning to love. When I first got married making a “Skillet Sensation” right out of the frozen bag was cooking for me. But thankfully (for my husband and kids really) I have been learning to cook “real” food – even using fresh ingredients. With the adventures of Once  A Month cooking that I’ve undertaken the past few months I am happy that I am growing in my skills. I am yet to perfect the cutting of an onion but one day I’ll have a “professional” show me how to do that! In the mean time I have a couple of kitchen gadgets that I have found to be very useful but not typical in the kitchens I’ve visited. So, I thought I would share these two “gems” with you.

The first one is this wonderful little “shot glass” measuring cup. This little beauty cost me all of $1 from Walmart and I have found it to be very helpful when I just need a teaspoon or two of liquid. I do also have a larger one that is best for multiple tablespoons of liquid but this little guy is my favorite! I can measure up to 6 teaspoons in it in one pour! I think this really should be a must in everyone kitchen – it’s so cheap why wouldn’t you have one?

The other little gem that I have fallen in love with is this peeler:

Isn’t it cute? I really think it’s the greatest upgrade to the traditional potato peeler that you’ll ever find. It’s called a palm peeler and it sells for a wopping $5.99 at my local Target. Here is a picture of it actually in my hand:

I did have a friend try it out when she was cooking with me not too long ago and it helped me remember that it took a little bit of getting used to the first time you use it but it really does make peeling potato and cucumbers a much quicker, smoother task.

Now, there are a few little gadgets that I would like to add to my kitchen collection soon. I’m happy to share them with you so that you can tell me if you have them and how you like them.

First on my list is this onion chopper.

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