Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WalMart Savings: Black & Decker Flex 360 - A Great Gift Idea

Is your father someone who likes to putter around house, complete household repairs, or work on his own vehicle, boat or three wheeler?  If so the Black and Decker Flex 360 will make a great gift for Father's Day.

The Black and Decker Flex 360 has a flexing/pivoting head, a magnetic back, strong and sturdy clamp and spot-to-flood beam.

Rotating & Pivoting Head
Every Dad’s honey do list can take him to a variety of places.  From underneath a sink to underneath the hood of a car. The Black and Decker Flex 360 will give him the light that he needs at any angle. It rotates 180 degrees and pivots 90 degrees to provide light in a multitude of directions.

Most of the time, Dad's need both hands to tackle the project at hand.  The robust magnet adheres to any metal surface - toolbox, hood of his vehicle, etc. He will never have to fumble with a  flashlight again. Stick it, flex and rotate the light and he’s ready to go!

The Flex360 has a powerful, durable clamp with rubberized grips that firmly grasp to most surfaces. The clamp opens wide enough to secure to a 2x4, allowing him to work with both hands free. Work efficiently and safely with the Flex360. Simply clamp it on and direct the light to where ever his work place might be.

Whether he’s working in a garage, outdoors, or in a tight area like under a sink, the Spot-to-Flood feature will provide the right amount of light for his needs. With its easy-to-use beam adjuster, he can switch from a spot to flood with a simple turn of a dial.

Check out the video below to see for yourself what a great gift this will be for your dad.  The Black & Decker 360 is available now at Walmart.com now for only $24.88 with free shipping.

The GO ANYWHERE, SHINES EVERYWHERE Utility Light is What Every Dad Wants for Father’s Day 2010, Available NOW at Walmart and Walmart.com

This post includes an affiliate opportunity.

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