Saturday, July 10, 2010

Johnsonville Deli Bites Sampler

Heather from Sweet Deals 4 Moms emailed me about this offer from Johnsonville.  If it's true, this will be an unbelievable deal!!

Sign up to receive SIX packages of Johnsonville Deli Bites for you and your family.  I have signed up and will anxiously wait to see if the packages arrive.  Here's the email that I got as confirmation.

Thanks again for helping us with Deli Bites.  We're gathering the goods we'll be sending you, and we'll be shipping them to you during the week of Aug. 2.  You should receive your FREE Deli Bites during the week of Aug. 9!

When you receive the package, be sure to look for the sticker on each Deli Bites package (and tell others with whom you share the product, as well!) - it's how we get you the freebie coupons!  Enter the code at, when you share with us your thoughts on the product.

Your feedback is important and helps us ensure we continue to produce great new products you'll enjoy!

Snack on!
--The Johnsonville Deli Bites Team

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