Friday, December 18, 2009

Coupons.Com Mobile Applications

That's it. I have to get an I-Phone or IPod Touch! I recieved an email from Coupons.Inc concerning Mobile Applications. Here's the latest: expands its mobile initiative with a new portfolio of services, including enhancements to Grocery iQ as well as an iPhone application of the site. Both these applications are now available online at the iTunes App Store.
Grocery iQ 2.0
Powered by and touted as the best grocery list management application by the New York Times, Grocery iQ is a “Staff Pick” from Apple. In addition, Grocery iQ has recently been the Number 1 Paid Lifestyle application in the iTunes App Store.

Upgrade Highlights
:: Barcode Scanning::
— Use iPhone camera to scan bar codes, instantly add scanned items to shopping list, and find matching coupons; no typing required

::Grocery List Organization::
— Arrange grocery list by categories, or by the aisle layout in the store where you shop!

::Synced List Sharing::
— Multiple users can share a single shopping list and last minute additions are automatically updated and displayed in real time & Savings Card Integration::
— Shoppers can browse coupons and add items to their shopping list by simply selecting coupon offers; shoppers can also browse and select Savings Card coupons

::Print Wirelessly::
— No computer needed as shoppers can print their coupons wirelessly via HP printers connected to their network
****** iPhone App Mobile 1.0 is a new application for the iPhone and iPod touch. This “Digital FSI on mobile” application is free of charge and provides on-the-go shoppers easy access to the largest digital coupon audience on the web.

Snapshot of Features
:: Coupons::
— Offers the largest selection of online printable coupons available anywhere
Savings Card — Coupons that can be saved directly to a store loyalty card for redemption at checkout .

::Show & Save::
— Shoppers can save an electronic coupon on a mobile device and then show that coupon on the device at checkout at a local retailer (e.g. restaurants) or service provider

::Print Options::
— Users can print coupons wirelessly on their HP printer or send a link to their email account, which will take them to where their coupons are already clipped and ready to be printed

::Local Tabs::
— Makes it easy for shoppers to browse and select printable, Savings Card and Show & Save coupons
Savings Made Simple with Savings Card

The Savings Card feature allows shoppers to save coupon offers directly to their store loyalty cards. For the first time, with just one swipe of their loyalty card, shoppers can enjoy savings from specific in-store promotions as well as from major brand manufacturers. In addition, retailers benefit from the scale that the Digital FSI Network brings in expanding loyalty card reach to millions of shoppers.

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