Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tricks Of The Trade Week of January 27

Aimee with The Mommy Trade has another wonder Trick of the Trade for this week.  In these tough economic times, The Great Exchange is a great way to get rid of items that we no longer need and possibly pick up a few things for ourselves.  Enjoy her post.  You might like the idea so much that you will have your own Great Exchange :

"This coming Thursday the women’s bible study I am a part of will be hosting what we like to call “The Great Exchange”. Simply put it’s a free garage sale. We are all bringing our stuff that we’d like to pass on to someone else and then we shop for free!

We hosted our first Great Exchange last year and everyone LOVED it! I walked away with baby food, a killer new diaper bag and tons of other great stuff! I can’t wait to see what I get this year!
And since all the information is so fresh in my mind I thought I share it with you! Perhaps you will want to set up a “Great Exchange” of your own!

Getting started is simple – all you basically need is stuff to get rid of, a group of women and a place to host it. Great venues would be of course include a church but also a club house, garage, someones backyard or even someones living room – just be sure to take the extra steps to insure items you want to keep aren’t accidentally “exchanged”.

The Big Idea behind the Great Exchange:

The Great Exchange will be a day that we can bring whatever used/new items that may be collecting dust at home to the church and we can exchange our goods with each other. This should be a great incentive to get our homes organized plus help each other out! Please feel free to take things you need even if you did not bring anything! (This will kind of be like a rummage sale but everything is free)

Why have the Great Exchange?


1. Because we all have stuff in our house that is nice, but we just don’t use it anymore or that we will never use and want to pass on.

2. Because these economic times are tough and sometimes its nice to help each other out … and to get help

Suggestions of items to bring:

Please bring nice items that are in good condition. Not junky stuff. Let’s put it this way…if you’re going to be embarrassed to bring it…then you probably shouldn’t.

  *Kitchen Items:
   paper goods, unused / unexpired food & canned goods, utensils, dishes. cookware, etc.

  *Personal Items:
   clothes and shoes in good condition, handbags, luggage, unused grooming / hygiene products

  *Kids / Baby Stuff:
   clothes and shoes in good condition, diapers, unexpired baby food, toys in good condition, DVDs

   home decor, candles, blankets, pillows, picture frames, towels, cleaning supplies
Also, if someone has some nice big furniture or something that you want to pass on just bring a picture of it and then can make arrangements with whoever wants it to pick it up.
After our exchange is finished we simply donate what is left.
Lastly, we don’t require everyone to bring something – it’s just preferred."

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